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As a third world country, whose development in certain sectors is still too low and slow, the health sector in Uganda is one of those. Despite government efforts to provide free medical care, the quality and reliability of the services provided especially in rural areas also remain by a long mile lacking. (more…)

Community Outreach

Jesus Cares Charity Organisation undertakes some community outreach activities. Under this programme, there is an outreach for the elderly and needy as well as an outreach and empowerment. Through the Community Outreach for elderly & needy, the organisation focuses on providing some support (more…)


Whereas it is a right for every Ugandan child to have education, not all of them have access to that education. Despite the government’s efforts to provide for free education at both primary and secondary level, many children out there have still failed to enjoy their right to a good education due to many reasons. (more…)

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About us

Jesus Cares Charity Organization (JCCO) is a Ugandan based non-government and non-profit establishment that was formed with an intention of reaching out the less privileged. With the continuously growing divide between the rich and the poor globally, Uganda’s community in general is no exception hence creating very many poor, vulnerable, disadvantaged and abandoned people that surely need our help to uplift their lives in all aspects of life. Right from medical care, social needs and homestead utilities to education.

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What the Beneficiaries say

“The coming of Jesus Cares Charity Organisation and the partnership we have built together have inspired us to fight and strive even harder to be better and provide a better service to our children.”

Bogere Roberto Resident of Kayunga, Uganda

“I’m so thankful for the coming of Jesus Cares Charity Organisation. Thank you for helping Nasser (her disabled child). I only hope that one day he will get a will chair.”

Namutossi Robbinah Resident of Kayunga, Uganda

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Heroes Day Marked With A Second Term Education Event

It had been a fortnight since the resumption of Term Two for the 2018 academic year at Brain Trust Primary School (BTPS) in Kayunga when we held our second term event as we marked our Heroes day. The slight delay for our Second Term Education event was attributed to a number of reasons among which […]

The Water Source Is In A Dire Situation

It’s common knowledge that water is life. This therefore implies that every human being should have access to water as a natural human right. But again, not just any water but rather clean water that is safe for use. However, this can’t be said for the citizens of Wabwoko Village in Kitimbwa Sub-county in Kayunga […]

The 2018 Easter Package For Elderly & Needy Persons

As a Christian founded organisation, we understand the importance of celebrating religious holidays in the calendar year.

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