Fulfilled Promises To Farmers In Kayunga

On Saturday, June 17th 2017 we fulfilled our promise to the farmers of in Kayunga who also happen to be parents to pupils at Brian Trust Primary School.

Like we earlier noted, these farmers who comprise of a total number of 92 people formed six groups of 15 members each, although two the groups have 16 people were to be given Back Pack Pressure Pumps and the Community Empowerment Program of the Organisation.

Three of these groups i.e. Group A, D and E received their Back Pack Pressure Pumps during the first lot and the other three were given theirs on Saturday during our tour to Kayunga.

The groups that were given included B, C and F. The farmers appreciated Jesus Cares Charity Organisation (JCCO) for the contribution made towards their farming activities in a bit to increase on their household incomes through improved productivity.

As an organisation, we also pledged to give the farmers maize seeds ahead of the next planting season in another attempt to increase productivity as a means to eradicate poverty.

On the same day, we also gave the school more cups for the pupils to use while at school. This followed a plea from the school administration on the shortage of cups as the first batch we offered could not serve all pupils. We also gave the school jerricans to help pupils in the fetching of water.

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