Second Term Monitory Visit And Meeting With Farmer’s Representatives

On a bright Monday morning of July 17th, 2017, we set foot on the road for Wabwoko B Village in Kitimbwa Sub-county, Kayunga District for the second term monitory visit. The visit was intended to check on the general school environment in the middle of the term and how the pupils under the organisation’s support fare in their respective classes.

On the same day, we held a meeting with the farmers’ respective group representatives in regard to our community outreach and empowerment program. In the meeting, we discussed quite a number of issues but most importantly, the seeds we had promised to deliver prior to the start of the season.

Although initially it had earlier been agreed on that farmer be given maize seeds, that decision was changed. This followed a series of meetings and consultations in which farmers revealed that they had enough maize seeds.

Farmers through their respective group representatives (chairpersons and secretaries) suggested that the organisation instead provide “bean seeds”. The suggestion was embraced by the organisation’s top administration and appreciated the farmers’ show of interest and participation.

The organisation’s decision to give seeds to the farmers was intended to improve on their productivity in order to better position them to have the ability to pay their children’s school fees at Brain Trust Primary School (BTPS).

It should be noted that the program was strictly for society members who had children attending BTPS.

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