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Sowing seeds of gold—Community Outreach & Empowerment Program

On Friday 11th August 2017, seeds of gold were sown when Jesus Cares Charity Organisation (JCCO) gave out bean seeds to the different farmers of Kayunga. The farmers also double as parents of the different pupils who attend Brain Trust Primary School (BTPS).

These were subdivided into six different groups namely; A, B, C, D, E & F which comprising of at least 15 members or more. A meeting was convened with the farmers at the school premises of BTPS where we usually conduct most of our events.

The meeting was mainly attended by mothers/women who usually spearhead farming activities in a homestead in most Uganda families. Some few parents were also represented by their own children.

In an attempt to uplift these people’s standards of living through improved farming productivity, on top of the back-pack pressure pumps that we had earlier distributed to these farmer’s groups, the Organisation gave out bean seeds to the farmers under its Community Outreach and Empowerment Program.

Our hope was that the sale of surplus produce would then put these parents/farmers of different pupils of BTPS in a better financial position to pay their children’s school fees promptly.

See photos from the event:


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