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The Water Source Is In A Dire Situation

It’s common knowledge that water is life. This therefore implies that every human being should have access to water as a natural human right. But again, not just any water but rather clean water that is safe for use.

However, this can’t be said for the citizens of Wabwoko Village in Kitimbwa Sub-county in Kayunga District in the Central of the Pear of Africa. Residents here have access to water but it’s not clean water.

According to the residents and teachers of Brain Trust Primary School found in the village, people and animals share a common source. This puts their lives at very high risk of contracting diseases. Sources with cleaner water are located miles away.

As an organisation, Jesus Cares Charity Organisation (JCCO) not only wishes but also has a burning desire to construct a well or borehole for these residents.  However, with currently very limited financial resources at our disposal, we can only do so much given the different programs running.


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