Heroes Day Marked With A Second Term Education Event

It had been a fortnight since the resumption of Term Two for the 2018 academic year at Brain Trust Primary School (BTPS) in Kayunga when we held our second term event as we marked our Heroes day. The slight delay for our Second Term Education event was attributed to a number of reasons among which included financial inadequacies.

Nonetheless, we still made it a point to fulfill our supportive obligations towards the education of the needy and less privileged children of Brain Trust Primary School. It was during this Saturday 9th June 2018 event that we discovered that the school is experiencing a decline in the total number of pupils.

This according to the school’s administration was attributed to the false news about the closure of the school that was widely spread across the village at the beginning of the academic year.

The district education monitory authorities have also placed a huge amount of pressure on the school administrators to relocate to a more permanent location where they can set up permanent structures. Although the land has already been secured for this purpose, there are still some financial constraints slowing this whole process.

On the day, we distributed scholastic materials to the pupils which included; Exercise books, pens and pencils plus long rulers.

For the school, we gave out a rim of printing paper, crayons and coloured pencils, pens and pencils for the teachers to use as well as 50 kilograms of maize flour for the feeding of pupils.


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