About Us

Jesus Cares Charity Organization (JCCO) is a Ugandan based nongovernment and non-profit establishment that was formed with an intention of reaching out the less privileged.

With the continuously growing divide between the rich and the poor globally, Uganda’s community in general is no exception hence creating very many poor, vulnerable, disadvantaged and abandoned people that surely need our help to uplift their lives in all aspects of life. Right from medical care, social needs and homestead utilities to education.

Our community today is faced with a lot of challenges. Besides realising the need, the founders of JCCO also had a burning and passionate desire to help a section of the community that is less privileged. It’s God’s will for mankind to look after and give to the needy.

In Uganda’s poverty stricken society, many children and elderly people have been left abandoned and denied of basic needs. Unavoidable life circumstances like deaths mainly as a result of HIV/AIDS and other causes or diseases have left a large number of orphans across the country’s social divide. Such children have hence been unintentionally denied a right to education and life necessities. Among the elderly and disabled community, the case has not been any different when it comes to the lack of basic needs and health care.

The ever growing moral degeneration in the country among all age groups has also not helped but rather continues to worsen the situation hence calling for an urgent need for spiritual, moral, financial, material and physiological attention plus mentorship.

It is such characteristics that continue to define and describe a big section of our community hence calling for urgent need to such people. Let’s not forget, “it is more agreeable to have the power to give than to receive,” unknown author.


Jesus Cares Charity Organization (JCCO) was formed in 2013. The organisation was championed by Mr. Kasujja Gabriel as the founding father along with Najjuma Alice, Lukonge Ivan, Namulindwa Phellister, Balondemu Ivan, Kunihira Jeneviva, Lukwago Geoffrey and Nabbosa Catherine, all coming from humble backgrounds.

The Organisation started its works in 2013 at a very small scale and randomly. It however didn’t attain full registration with the government of Uganda as stipulated by the law not until 2016 majorly due to financial constraints among other factors. In August 2016, Jesus Cares Charity Organisation (JCCO) attained its full registration and was issued a working permit. The organisation is based in Kayunga district that is found in the Eastern part of the Perl of Africa.

The organisation was formed based on religious values by the above group of God fearing people. Like it said in the Bible in Matthew 8:5 “whoever welcomes a needy like this in my name welcomes me” and further in Proverbs 19:7 that “the one who is gracious to the poor lends to the Lord, and the Lord will repay him for his good deeds.” It was on the inspiration drawn from those Biblical words that the founding members thought it necessary to join hands and help those in need. One of our soul purposes in life is to help the needy.

Our mission

As Jesus Cares Charity Organization (JCCO), our mission is “to provide holistic care and other life-changing necessities to the needy in desperate or abusive situations in the nation”

Our vision

Jesus Cares Charity Organization (JCCO) seeks to identify and rescue vulnerable and abandoned people, bring them into a home and provide them with a compassionate remedy to their spiritual, physical, emotional and social needs.

Our motto

“Hope and Future for the needy”

Aims and objectives

Jesus Cares Charity Organisation as a holistic program was initiated to offer response to the overwhelming daily challenges of Uganda’s general community that don’t discriminate between the needy, orphans, the abled and disabled due to ever increasing levels of poverty and deaths hence leaving many abandoned and wanting.

Some of the major aims and objectives for which the organisation was established are as follows:-

  1. To principally promote education, peace, Christian morals and values in communities of operation.
  2. To organise seminars, workshops and conferences in different parts of the country, so as to reach out to the community and provide the required help to the needy.
  3. To undertake projects and any developmental activities that can be beneficial to the community.
  4. To mobilise resources to enhance the organisation’s expansion and facilitation for its programs.
  5. To work as prime agents of aid and relief to cater for orphans and the needy as well as establishing homes for the homeless.
  6. To establish and maintain program schemes or projects which are geared towards the improvement of education, peace and religious values in the communities.
  7. To establish programs and projects aimed at uplifting the standards of living within the community such as community sensitizations, setting up schools, colleges, hospitals and other related medical facilities.
  8. To support any type of projects that are incidental to the aims and objectives of the organization.
  9. To preach the Gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ in accordance to the love of children as commanded by the Lord to the public by establishing foster family resource centres to provide information, accommodation, education and recreation facilities to the vulnerable and needy.
  • By means of promotion, door to door outreach and field, national and international seminars/conferences, and workshop, newsletters, books, Christian magazines, posters and displays, periodical, video shows etc.
  • To establish places for retreat for purposes of intercessory, babies’ homes and fellowshipping with one another.
  1. To speak out boldly and advocate for moral principles of love, peace, unity and forgiveness and condemn murder, rape, witchcraft, adultery, female genital mutilation and any other practices that are contrary to the Biblical principles of righteous living.
  2. To collaborate with existing local and international companies and organizations whether profit making or non-profit making to support and improve the welfare of the general community.
  3. To establish and support orphans’ projects e.g. community libraries, Bible schools, labour and service contracts.
  4. To establish income generating projects like carpentry, handicrafts, animal husbandry, building industry, weaving industry and building contracts as one of the means to create employment opportunities for the society as some of the ways to alleviate poverty.
  5. To sensitize the youth and adults of HIV/AIDS to live in acceptable ways to fulfill their life purpose on earth.