Whereas it is a right for every Ugandan child to have education, not all of them have access to that education. Despite the government’s efforts to provide for free education at both primary and secondary level, many children out there have still failed to enjoy their right to a good education due to many reasons.

For most, it’s due to the lack of scholastic materials to facilitate that education while for some; it’s due to the very long distances they would have to cover every day in to order to access the service. In some areas, it is due to lack of food in the family that puts education in the pecking order of their life priorities as they focus on survival. With families still struggling to put food on the table, little can be done to ensure that children have the education they are entitled to. Given such a brief background in Uganda’s local community, surely something needed to be done and that is why JCCO came out to give a helping hand.